Frosted Business Cards

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Make your mark with affordable and professional Frosted Business Cards, printed on durable 280gsm PVC material.

When you hand a client your business cards, you can be sure it will spark an instant reaction and heightened attention as they often a mistaken for a credit card or ID card. Being different from the conventional paper business cards, frosted business cards are an easy attention-grabber.

Frosted business cards are beyond durable. It is a card that stands the test of time – you can abuse your froste business cards without worry that they will no longer do the job. If you work in unpredictable weather or in an environment prone to spills, plastic cards are for you.

▪ Price starts from $70 for 200 cards.

▪ Free uploads of photos and logos.

▪ Create in minutes by using our custom design tool.

▪ Single sided 4-colour printing.

▪ Print quantity from 200 to 500 cards

Material type

  • 280gsm PVC.
  • Frosted translucent, semi transparent.
  • Scuffproof, wipeable and washable.

Tips for creating your business cards 

▪ Make your logo the most prominent element on the card.

▪ Keep it simple. Don’t cram too much information on the card.

▪ Do include the essential contact details.

▪ Make sure your name, contact details and business entity are legible.

▪ Make sure the typeface is easily readable.

▪ Stick to one or two colors.


90 x 54mm


Frosted Card PVC 280gsm


280gsm Frosted Card

Printed Side


Production Time

7-9 working days


200, 300, 500, 1000


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