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Make an impression with our Business Cards Stickers

Brand all your marketing materials and business correspondence with business card size stickers, for a sleek and cohesive look.

▪ Price starts from $28xxx for 100 business card stickers.

▪ Choice of glossy or uncoated stickers.

▪ Print from 100 to 500 stickers.

Tips for creating your business card stickers 

▪ Make your logo the most prominent element on the card.

▪ Keep it simple. Don't cram too much information on the card.

▪ Do include the essential contact details.

▪ Make sure your name, contact details and business entity are legible.

▪ Make sure the typeface is easily readable.

▪ Stick to one or two colors.

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

85 x 54mm, 90 x 54mm


Woodfree (Normal Adhesive), Gloss Laminated (Strong Adhesive)


100 pieces, 200 pieces, 300 pieces, 400 pieces, 500 pieces


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